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Steve and Rachel aim to inspire you to go where you’ve never gone, and do what you’ve never done. Although this could look like a one-off speaking engagement, they are committed to investing into long term relationships with key Churches and Pastor’s through ongoing bespoke support for you and your Church. Below is a list of some of the ways we can support you and your Church. It includes an exciting new programme for you and your Church, called ECG which we describe below.

We would love to provide solutions to whatever growth challenges you or your church are experiencing.
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We have developed an exciting new programme for you and your Church, called ECG 

An ECG is used to detect underlying heart conditions. It measures health and identifies blockages. An ECG enables a clear diagnosis and an effective treatment plan tailored to the individual. The ECG partnership will always be encouraging and will bring customised solutions to whatever growth challenges you are facing.


​Firstly, Steve and Rachel will spend time in your church building authentic relationships with you and your key team. They will connect with you personally on a regular basis and bring encouragement and perspective to help you and your family, and in addition grow your Church.


​Secondly, you will have direct access to Steve and Rachel throughout the year for ongoing personal and leadership support. In addition, Steve and Rachel’s combined gifts of teaching and preaching, will speak life into the leadership layers of your Church.   


​Thirdly, Steve and Rachel will help you grow a new breed of dynamic leaders. Their ability to discover, develop and empower leaders has significantly impacted local church growth.