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Our purpose is to build and strengthen the local Church by:

- Encouraging Pastors
- Communicating God’s Word
- Growing Leaders

“When you grow, your team grows; when your team grows, your Church grows.”

Love Draws Out - Ps. Steve Mawston
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Steve and Rachel have been married for over 25 years with two daughters, Melody and Mercy. 


They share a passion for building the local Church, having spent a combined total of 25 years serving on staff at Hillsong Church (Hills Campus in Sydney and Mount Gravatt in Brisbane). 


While serving at Hillsong Church, they actively encouraged and mentored younger Pastors who have pioneered and grown significant Churches in the UK.


Steve and Rachel are currently part of the team at Soul Church in Norwich, and spend the remainder of their time travelling. Their heart is to come alongside you and your Church, to encourage and help you grow.



Steve and Rachel Mawston are gifts in their own right to the Church. They both have strong ministry experience over a number of years within Hillsong Church, including 9 years working with me in Brisbane, Australia. Total dedication and passion is their hallmark and an ability to deliver the Word of God in their own unique ways is their strength.

Steve Dixon
Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church

  • Rachel Mawston

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Family Matters - Ps. Rachel Mawston
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Steve has been involved in ministry for 30 years, originally in youth ministry and then in pastoral leadership, recently completing his Masters in Theology. He is a captivating teacher and story-teller who combines powerful Biblical revelation with practical application. 


Rachel has served for 30 years as a leader of leaders in worship, pastoral care and women’s ministry. With a personal, prophetic-edge, Rachel is passionate about applying God’s Word to your daily life. Her heart is to see you fulfil the call of God on your life and encounter His supernatural power.


They are committed to communicating Biblical truth in ways that engage the mind, motivate the soul and create practical step-ladders to victory.